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Maxinnes Julklappstips

Maxinnes önskelista Julklappstips - sexleksaker
5 december 2022 242 visning(ar)
Maxinnes Julklappstips

Don’t know what to wish for Christmas yet? Well I have prepared the perfect wish list for vagina bearers to wish from Santa, your partner, friends or maybe buying as a treat for yourself! It’s time again, for your guinnea pig Maxinne to give recommendations of some new and classic tools on the market. 

As I have started my reflections for next year - I know that one of my biggest intentions next year - is to keep putting myself and my dreams first. Pleasure and exploration will keep standing in the frontline. And for those of you who are with me on this - here is a perfect list with some new gadgets. 

After years of exploring the market I would surely call myself a self-proclaimed sex toy pro by now haha. 

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Le Desir Sexy Lingerie calendar

I am all about Christmas calendars. I think it’s such a fun way of exploring the surprise theme with your partner and for yourself. As you know by now - I LOVE dressing up, both for others but mostly for myself - just cause it enhances different layers of my sexuality. So when I saw this Sexy lingerie calendar I was intrigued straight away. It’s not a box for everyday until Christmas - but for 8 special occasions. And also - no need to limit ourselves to only use it for the Christmas period. My partner lives in another city for example and we take it as is comes and fits. But also I will keep on opening these boxes just for myself - and get special treats how to sex myself up. I have plenty of these body suits and I like them a lot cause they are super stretchy and one size, and when I have used these on photoshoots - women with all sorts of body forms fits in them. I have only opened a few boxes yet - and very excited to keep on opening them :)


Womanizer OG

This toy I was super excited to try - it’s the first air pressure vibrator on the market for the G-SPOT. I think we all know the massive impacts the air preassure tools for clitoris have done the past years - and finally one for my favorite spot has arrived. I wanna give this a very high score - this was right up my alley. It felt a little bit like someone was in side of my vagina sucking on my G-spot with very pleasurable motions. Activating my inside and getting me so horny. It’s super fun both to use for alone use - but also perfect to use with a partner. I mean, all toys can be played with a partner obviously. But I hit a very maximazied climax when he used this toy inside me and licked me at the same time. Hallelujah.

Juno Flex G-spot Vibrator

I choose this one to try just cause it has such a classic shape. Of all dildo shapes there is - this is my favorite. It has the perfect shape to hook your g-spot in a magical motion for alone use. And I can easily reach very epic internal orgasms with this shape. With this one you can also bend it in all sorts of directions - to find your perfect fit. Me personally - I like it without the vibrations. But for those who likes that add on - it had a variety of nice different pulses. If your haven’t tried this shape yet - I highly recommend. 


Feelztoys Lea Rabbit Vibrator 

Adding this one for a cheaper budget - a great rabbit but less advanced. It comes with a beautiful gift wrapping in glitter! If you don’t have a rabbit since before - it’s always good to start with a cheaper one to see if you like it. Then you can level up to more advanced ones. 



I wanted to try this cause it differs from the air pressure toys on the market. It stimulates with sound waves and pulsations, which provides a contact-free stimulation of the clitoris. I must say though, that it was more similar to a normal vibrator than an air pressure toy. I like Lelo as a brand and the shape was great. I love the big head so it fits all. Definitely a tool to have in the collection.

Zalo Kyro Wand

After seeing so many different toys - I find the packaging important - and this one made me drawn to it straight away. It felt almost like I will take a trip to the ancient Egypt’s orgasmic galactics. Super luxe and the toy equally as such. I have been wanting a massage wand for neck massage for a long time. It’s been highly used in my couch hanging lately. What adds to the equation is that it comes with two removable silicone heads - for different kinds of pleasure. The smooth, round head gives you powerful clitoral stimulation or can relieve sore muscles on the body. The clitoris tickler gives you a tickling sensation on the clitoris or on other erogenous zones with its fluttering blades. With the dildo head you get fantastic g-spot stimulation or enjoy deep vibrations. Love toys with multi usage. 


We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit vibrator 

Can it get more classic than a rabbit? If you never tried - its a winning concept. They have been around for ages and there is a reason they haven’t gone out of the trend. What I specifically like about this one is that it’s flexible and you can adjust it after your anatomy. All vaginas are different and the placement of our pleasure point varies. The clitoral vibrator itself is designed so that it never lets go of contact with the clitoris, even if you change position or move the vibrator. It stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time so the chance of having an orgasm increases. We-Vibe Nova 2 uses two different motors that can be controlled simultaneously or separately. Thanks to this, you can enjoy two completely different orgasms. I loved this one! Full power orgasms for sure!


Merry Christmas 


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