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Maxinnes Julklappstips för par

Maxinnes Julklappstips för par
12 december 2022 368 visning(ar)
Maxinnes Julklappstips för par

Oh so the second round of Maxinne’s guinnea pig Christmas project comes here - with the theme “how to explore further with your partner with the help of tools”.
Pure sex without any additions is definitely my favorite - but especially in a partnership when you have sex often - I find it extra beneficial to bring in some tools sometimes. Just to add that extra freshness and help take you out of the normal routine. 
I took a long while before choosing these gems wisely, also with the help at the women at Lustly. To pick out my personal favourites, but also choosing some popular ones on the market.
PERFECT to give tot your partner as a Christmas gift to keep the playfulness alive in your sex life

Discount code: playful 

(Gives 10% off everything on Lustly’s site. Valid until 24/12 2022. Cannot be combined with other offers/discounts)

Maxinnes julklappstips på Maxinnes julklappstips på

Maxinnes julklappstips på Maxinnes julklappstips på

Kama Sutra Sex Positions Book:

I want to start with this epic book. Even though I am aware of many different positions, it’s always fun to learn new ones and be inspired. WHAT I LOVED with this book - is that it’s for all sorts of gender combinations. So it shows different positions and how it works for penis and penis, vagina with vagina and penis with vagina. And I guess you can allow your imagination to take you anywhere with this. For me this new style of approaching sexuality is amazing. It’s also beautifully written and really fun examples of positions. 

Mind, Body & Soul Game:

I love games and I specifically choose this one cause it serves a higher purpose than just sexual intercourse. A game to open your Mind, Body and Soul. As you move around the game board, you and your partner ask each other questions designed to open up your chakras. There are 20 questions per card and two sets of cards per the seven chakras to total 240 chakra healing questions. You win by aligning all 7 of your chakras and your partner provides an intimate reward to align your sacral and heart chakras. It have won “The adult game of the year” 2019 - and I definitely understand why. Super fun game to play together. 

Maxinnes julklappstips för par - Maxinnes julklappstips för par -

Arcwave Pow:

This quite avant garde manual stroker with a natural air suction gives a nice suction like a blowjob and has a juicy stimulating inside. Give it to your partner to use for himself or use it for him when you want to alternate from your mouth and normal handjob. I tried this on my partner who really enjoyed it. It was the perfect for play before intercourse. 


MOJO Blackjack Dildo:

I love anal, and I love anal even more in combination with vaginal penetration. So this is a dream come true, like having sex with a fantasy figure with two dicks. You attach this dildo under the normal penis, OR on a strap on if you are in a female constellation. And there you go - to dicks served! It’s the perfect size, super cheap and a 10 Pointer for me. Definitely one of my favorite sextoys that I own. I have had it for a long time and never get bored to bring out this little gem.

Maxinnes julklappstips för par - Maxinnes julklappstips för par -

We-Vibe Tease Us Set:

Here comes a delicious set for a couple with 2 vaginas. Two pantie-vibrators with remotes - from one of my favorite brands We-wibe. I have actually not tried it yet, simply cause I haven’t met with any of my female lovers these two past weeks. But I have tried it on myself, which was a beautiful sensation. But of course it gets more fun when you are two people in the game. Super high quality and really fun to use on a date night for example, to build up the pleasure and tease each other before coming home to bed. 

Zalo Aya Massager:

And here comes another panty vibrator - but only one. But you can use it for same sex connections too obviously. I really like design of this one, and it also has different add ons you can attach to also have internal stimulation - which I personally prefer. Beautiful packaging and a super sweet gift to give to your partner. 


I hope you enjoy <3

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Love / Maxinne


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